Thursday, July 17, 2008

Just do it!

I just made myself sick by eating too many chocolate chip, dried cherry, oatmeal cookies. I ate probably six more than I should have. Sheer gluttony. I am ashamed.

My justification for such indulgence is that I spent close to three hours exercising today. Even if I pretty much rendered that exercise ineffective by replenishing whatever calories that might have been burned by more fatty calories from the many cookies that I consumed, I am proud of my accomplishment.

It was actually quite the adventure. I got up around 6:30 and left on my bike at about 7:15. I biked all the way to the YMCA, which was about 10 miles. Then I swam for about 20 minutes and then rode the 10 miles back.

The great thing is that I made it alive. Hugging the edge of the road, only given a shoulder of what seemed to be two inches in places, almost hitting an indecisive suicidal squirrel and holding my breath as cars passed at killer speeds, I probably am luckier than I know. But, despite the risks that I knew I was taking, and despite the concern of my parents, I was determined to do it. And I actually enjoyed it thoroughly. There isn't much in this world that is as satisfying as getting somewhere on a bike. I feel so self sufficient. It's a great feeling, conquering distances on a bike that we don't even really think about in a car, but that if we did think about would seem too far to travel any other way.

It's great to think that if all else fails regarding the new technologies for alternate fuels, we can always return to the old technology of the bicycle. I think that the bicycle was an ingenious invention and I think that Americans should rediscover it. There are two great benefits to be had from such an occurrence: a healthier public and a cleaner atmosphere.

The first benefit, a healthier public, I think would be pretty desirable. If Americans were to ride bicycles, the problem of obesity would be greatly reduced and consequently the problem of health care would also be reduced. Also, there would be less depression because of the increased endorphins which would result in a happier population , which in turn would result in a more productive population.

I believe the second benefit , that of a cleaner atmosphere, would be just as desirable as the first. With all the fuss about global warming, why not do something proactive and switch out the carbon dioxide spewing car for the completely clean bicycle? I think it's a great idea.

Also, we would develop an independence from foreign oil. So, all around I think it solves many of today's problems. So, let them ride bikes, I say! And then eat cookies and not feel guilty about it.