Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I claim the right of way! (even if it's not mine)

So, I almost ran over some pedestrians today as I was cruising down a hill on my bicycle. It made me upset to think that I would be required to stop for them. Yes, there was a crosswalk and a blinking orange light, but it's just so inconvenient to stop on a bicycle. Especially when you are riding at a high speed down hill. And your breaks squeal obnoxiously. And you just want to get home as fast as possible. And you're tired. And your back is breaking under the weight of your backpack that you shouldn't have packed so heavily. And your bike seat has gotten loose and is determined to tip you off of it (I really need to fix that). It's so much more difficult to start and stop on a bike than it is in any other mode of transportation, and more dangerous, I might add. My mom has told me of a man who died when he stopped suddenly on his bike and fell off of it (I think he was even wearing a helmet). So, even though the pedestrians had the right of way in that instance (I looked it up in the traffic code, and unfortunately, they did have the right of way), I think it ought not to be so. Either that, or I just need to pay better attention when I'm riding my bike. And maybe I should invest in a better one that has nice breaks and a comfortable seat.

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Al. said...

Oh Kaylie.

You make me giggle.