Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Telos Turkey Tri

Last Saturday I did the Telos Turkey Tri in Orem, UT. It was way fun and I felt pretty accomplished afterword, although I felt pretty whipped too. The running was definitely the hardest part for me. There was also a killer hill that we had to climb twice for the cycling portion. I had to walk my bike up the hill or else I probably would have rolled backwards down it trying to bike it. Then, I got a pretty bad charley horse in my calf trying to hop back onto my bike (it was my friend's road bike, and I think it was probably a tad bit too big. Despite that, it made all the difference in the race. Road bikes are fast! I love riding them).

The procedes from the triathlon are going towards funding the registration for Team Telos in their upcoming events. I didn't know that much about it before, but was pretty impressed when I learned that Team Telos helps get youth into doing triathlons. I think that's a brilliant cause. I am a firm believer in the benefits of physical activities. In my own life, I have enjoyed the added energy and endorfines that come from exercise. Triathlons, or any race or sport for that matter, are great because they give you a goal to work towards and they help develop character. If kids were to be more involved in sports, boredom wouldn't be as much of a problem and concequently drug usage and crime would also become less problematic. People would have more ambition and self confidence and would take better care of the God-given gifts that are their bodies. So, koodos to Team Telos for helping kids get involved in triathlons.


kwistin said...

WHAT?!?!! You do triathlons??!! My goodness, girl, we need to talk! That's so great, and I had no idea! My brother is a huge triathlete, so I have come to love them vicariously. I was thinking about trying it but I can't swim...yet. We'll see. :)

Good job! I'm proud of you and that is a great cause. I'm a huge believer of the benefits of physical activity. Especially for a good cause. I ran a 5k in May for an organization that raises money for cleft palates in children. It feels so good on so many levels, huh?? I'm happy for you! Yay for being involved!

Seriously, kudos. :)

made sweet said...

wahoo for triathlons!! so much fun.