Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Magazines we read

In my publications design class the other day we had a discussion on magazines. I realized that most of the magazines my professor had brought in as examples of good design were ones that I wasn't really familiar with. It made me think about the purpose of magazines and what makes us want to read certain magazines over others.

I realized that since I've been at college I haven't really read magazines much. It takes a lot of time for one thing, and they're expensive. So, of course I'm not going to read them! But as a kid, my parents subscribed to a few magazines from time to time that I would read or that my mom would read to me when I was little. They included: Baby Bug, Cricket, Ranger Rick, Guidepost, Reader's Digest, National Geographic, Time, The Economist, The Friend, The New Era and the Ensign.

What magazines did you read growing up (or still read)?

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