Monday, February 2, 2009

The Etsy weensy spiderweb... or not so weensy

Yesterday a friend (Allison) recommended I check out the blog by little brown pen. So, I did, and I was pleased by the many beautiful pictures that met my eyes and entertained by a few lines that I read. Then, on further exploration, I noticed a little thing to the side that said "Etsy shop." I know I've heard that word before - etsy - but I couldn't remember where. (Actually, I remember now: I saw it on a post a while back on InvisibleMan.) It intrigued me though, so I looked into it and this is what I discovered: Etsy is an onine sort of market for people to sell their handmade things. It's been around for about three and a half years now, so I guess I'm a little behind the times. Maybe you already knew about this? I thought it was a pretty neat idea though. Anything that was inspired to counter Walmart has my support. :)
(If you visit the Etsy link above, check out the video clip to the right. It's pretty short, but informative.)

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Angie said...

I love etsy! There is some great stuff on there. You should sell some knitwear or art on there, Kaylie!