Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Plea from a pack rat

Does anyone have advice for making oneself throw things away? I've been going through some old things that I've saved, that some would say without hesitation, throw them out! Burn them! Dispose of them immediately! Rid yourself of such burdensome sentimentality. Such silliness!

But, as determined as I was to do just that before I approached this task, I am now caught in uncertainty and hesitation over questions of whether I might be doing humanity a disservice by destroying valuable personal history.... But, really, I must tell myself to be reasonable! I'm pretty sure humanity will not care that I throw a few letters away... I've done it before. And please be realistic! Humanity, not even my own children, will ever care about this stuff I'm hanging onto.

Ok, so, I think I've built a pretty good case for the trash can.... Let's try this again!


made sweet said...

I am a pack rat too, and go through phases where I want to de-clutter, but sometimes I actually regret some of the things that I throw away. So now I hord things more than ever. I just can't part with them....the great thing is that lots of times I end up using things (like old letters) in an art project, or I make a collage out of it in my sketchbook. That way it's not just laying on my shelves looking messy, and I can still see them once in a while and remember what I loved about them. I'm all about being a pack rat. :)

Kaylie said...

Thanks, Michelle! I like your idea of using things in art projects.